Glenn Veugen

User Experience Designer

Based in Amsterdam, city of bikes and boats, I design the interaction and experience between the user and technology, bridging the gap that still terrifies mankind...Currently I am working with Mirabeau on the next-gen digital platforms for Air France KLM.

I do all sorts of stuff

User needs

Defining the user needs of a project, I use research methodologies such as contextual inquiry, shadowing, co-creation workshops, interviews, customer journey maps, and usability tests. This allows me to define the problems and needs I am trying to design a solution for.


In the ideation phase I use techniques such as sketching, brainstorming sessions, storyboarding, and process flows, to come up with creative concepts. By doing this I can define a general design direction and vision for a certain problem.


Going more into the design details, I deliver navigation flows, wireframes, prototypes, visual design, and design specifications, and conduct user validation tests, according to the needs of a project. I make sure the designs are ready for development, and collaborate actively with front-end developers.

Clients and brands I have worked for