Glenn Veugen

Strategic & Service Designer

I'm an experienced Strategic & Service Designer, who focuses on identifying the right problem, discovering the right opportunity, and designing the right solution.

What I do

CX Design

Design Thinking

I apply design processes, tools, and methodologies to solve all sorts of problems and explore business opportunities, by putting humans at the centre of things.

Service Design

Service Design

Using design thinking methodology, I design products and services that improve processes and organisational structures, and deliver an optimal user experience for end users.

UX Strategy

UX Strategy

To get to a final product, I create a vision for the desired user experience based on user research and validation, and I define the approach to realise the solution.

Business Design

Concept Design

Helping customer achieve their goals and meet their needs is beneficial to a business. Using business modelling and measuring I ensure that all customer-centric initiatives are viable for the business offering them.


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