Lufthansa Travel Guide

City trips in your pocket

The Lufthansa Travel Guide allows users to plan their trip, save Points of Interest offline, and create a walking route. The city guide features Lufthansa destinations all over the world, and highlights the top attractions, most beautiful sights, practical information, and even the hidden gems.

What I did

Idea generation

I generated ideas for new features in brainstorming sessions.

Concept design

I designed new UI concepts for the features we ideated.

Idea generation

The platform already existed, and Lufthansa was ready to take the platform to the next level. I was mainly involved in the generation of ideas, and exploring design solutions. We brainstormed about what features would add value to the user’s travel experience, how it would add it, and why. The goal was to come up with a set of features, and pitch these to the Lufthansa management.

UI Design

While coming up with ideas, I also explored various design solutions, and see how they would fit in the current designs of the app.